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Are Cream Chargers Recyclable?

Making homemade whipped cream without a cream charger takes so much time, especially if you want to whip something up quickly to add to your dessert or beverage.

Using a cream charger is super easy as you simply add your ingredients into a cream whipper, add the charger, squeeze and shake, then delicious whipped cream is available. 

The cream charger is filled with 100% nitrous oxide, which is a potentially dangerous gas if handled incorrectly. 

So, once you’ve made your whipped cream, and you have an empty canister left, you may be wondering what to do with it. Do you chuck it in the bin? Is it recyclable? 

Don’t worry, Taste Revolution is here to help. 

This handy guide will take you through important information regarding cream chargers and how to recycle them safely.

Important Information

All of Taste Revolution’s products are made up of at least 95% recyclable material, and some are even 100% recyclable. This is because we know how important it is to protect and care for the environment and the planet. 

Once the chargers are used once, they can’t be refilled, but our N2O Cream Chargers, CO2 Cartridges and N2 Nitro Canisters are made from stainless steel and can be recycled. So, once they are completely emptied of their gases, they can be safely disposed of via accessible recycling methods. 

It’s really important that we stress not to put the cream charger gas canisters in your standard bin, as this is a safety hazard. 

Canisters with any type of gas inside must be emptied of all pressurised or liquid gases before disposing of them. 

Please abide by the manufacturer’s safety information. Some manufacturers recommend chopping the cream charger in half after the gas is emptied using a kitchen tool, or crushing the canisters to flatten them. However, we recognise that not everyone will have access to these tools, so if you don’t, you can take them to a recycling centre.

How to Recycle Cream Chargers Safely

Step 1: 

Hold the cream whipper upside down over your pudding or beverage and push the nozzle to squeeze out any remaining whipped cream and gas. If you don’t need any more adding to your food or drink, simply do this over the sink. 

Step 2: 

Rinse the equipment along with your empty cream charger canister with warm water to remove any leftover residue, so the canister is clean before you dispose of it. 

Step 3: 

Your cream charger canister is now ready to be taken to your local recycling centre! 

Where to Recycle Cream Chargers

As stressed before, don’t dispose of your cream chargers in a standard bin, you should recycle them at a local centre in your area. This is the safest way to ensure they will be disposed of properly. 

Find out where your local recycling centre is, and check out RecycleNow for more information on recycling gas bottles and where to dispose of them. 

It’s really important that you follow this information because if the cream charger isn’t recycled properly, there is a potential risk of contributing to global warming.

Recycling Scheme Programme

By recycling products and materials, not only are you helping the environment, but you’re also reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which helps tackle climate change.

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