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Here at Cee Catering Chargers, we pride ourselves in trading with the catering industry’s top products – items that have proved to be the very best that the market has to offer. Enjoyed by many in the UK and beyond, we aim to bring to you the type of items that puts a smile on your face, and more importantly – efficient n20 chargers for all your business needs.

We want to share our passion and enthusiasm for all things culinary by bringing to you products of the highest quality, so you can experience the tastier things in life.
Based in London, United Kingdom - Founded by Charlie Fitzgerald. Company Number - 12949254

Fantastic products at great prices; it’s time to whip up a storm and make those creamy magical moments.

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Our aim is to do away with the trouble of using plenty of solo chargers and make refilling something that you do at the drop of a hat and nonchalantly at that

Safe to use

To operate the system safely and as per your specific need, we recommend using the pressure regulator meant for safe use under different pressure requirements with no compromising on user-friendliness

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Increase efficiency

We were able to significantly reduce the time it takes to refill a dispenser and also bring down metal waste by 20%. Create the most attractive preparations while spending as little time as possible on readying the equipment

First-rate stainless steel

Our cylinder is made from first-rate stainless steel and is manufactured by state of the art companies who specialise in n20 distribution across the world. Efficient Chargers at rock bottom prices.

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